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Integrity Audit

We provide a formal and comprehensive audit of sporting partners’ integrity programmes, policies, and procedures, including, among other services, the review and/or development of sports betting rules, identification of and introduction to key third-party integrity stakeholders, adoption of best practices regarding integrity unit structure and personnel, and development of standard operating procedures related to integrity breach reporting, investigation, and sanctioning.


Legal & Regulatory Advisory Service

We offer guidance and strategic planning advice for matters pertaining to the regulation of sports betting calling on unrivalled experience and expertise from working with betting regulators, betting operators, sports, law enforcement agencies and governments all around the world.


Betting & Integrity Briefing

We provide high level operatives in the law enforcement environment or senior sport stakeholder executives with a comprehensive run through and update on the key information and insights required to understand the international betting industry and the world of match-fixing.


Expert Testimony

We assist sport organisations with their analysis of betting-related evidence, and support them with their prosecutions by submitting expert witness statements, or by providing testimony at judicial forums or in the courts of law.


PR & Media Support

We offer advice and/or briefing ahead of all press conferences and other activities and media releases to ensure (alleged) match-fixing and other related issues are fully addressed and clearly understood by the organisation.


Anti-Manipulation Code (AMC)

We develop effective Anti-Manipulation clauses specific to the sport organisation applying to players and referees, and consult on the implementation of those clauses and further required steps.


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