What we do

Our Intelligence & Investigation Services manage each stage of the intelligence process to assist partners in identifying and investigating integrity threats to their sport and business. We assist in connecting those within the sport suspected of manipulating events to bettors, financiers, facilitators and other parties. We also provide ad-hoc Due Diligence services, investigating parties who may represent an integrity or business concern such as individuals, clubs, leagues, agencies and investors.

Our pioneering team of intelligence analysts and investigators, drawn from some of the most significant intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world, use a cutting edge range of networks, software and tools to uncover the activities and relationships that impact sport integrity at every level.




The Intelligence & Investigation Services are a world-class
24/7/365 intelligence hub featuring advanced technology and capability in intelligence collation, analysis and production

They combine the ability to sort, search and visualise huge volumes of intelligence with the capability to rapidly find and assimilate ‘new’ intelligence through advanced analytics and developed tools and techniques

With years of intelligence experience, the Intelligence & Investigation Services are at the cutting edge in identifying and implementing creative and results-driven intelligence solutions to cater for any requirement

15 full-time employees working from five global locations

Capability Areas


Unrivalled Sports Integrity Intelligence Holdings


Global Social Media Analysis


Online Footprint Analysis


Link Analysis and Visualisation


Unique OSINT Tools and Techniques


Secure In-House Capability Development

Social Network Analysis


Location Monitoring and Geo-tracking


Due Diligence Services


Global HUMINT Network


Identifier Analysis


NATO Equivalent System of Intelligence Grading

Products & Services


Intelligence & Investigation Service


  • OSINT Investigations
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Location Monitoring (Social Media)
  • Mobile Device Location Monitoring
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Interviewing and Statement Taking
  • Proactive Investigation
  • Identifier Checking Service
  • Online Exposure Analysis
  • Domain, IP and Online Footprint Analysis
  • Illegal Streaming of Proprietary Video and Data Investigation
  • Forensic Analysis of Financial Data
  • Mobile Device Interrogation
  • Investigation of Individual or Company Related to Match-fixing

Due Diligence, Risk & Compliance Investigation Service


On individuals

On organisations

  • Behaviour assessment of individuals
  • Social Media activity summary
  • Social background
  • Positive/negative perception in the media
  • Employment history
  • Key locations
  • Gambling/betting interests
  • Fraud based criminal links
  • Previous involvement in sporting teams/organisations
  • Real or perceived conflicts of interest
  • Analysis of any audit documentation provided to your organisation
  • Open Source Intelligence on any significant individuals
  • Organisation structure, registrations and status
  • Organisation associates
  • Financial information
  • Analysis of any audit documentation provided to the client
  • Positive/negative reports, articles or comments
  • Previous investment history from available sources
  • Real or perceived conflicts of interest
  • Offshore business interest links to gambling/betting companies
  • Significant organisation vulnerabilities
  • Significant individuals within an organisation
  • Social media activity summary of persons of interest
  • Social Network Analysis connecting persons of interest to risky characters
  • Behavioural assessment of individuals

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