What we offer


Over the last 14 years, we have developed five key areas, specifically designed to support the needs of stakeholders driving anti-match fixing and anti-doping efforts across the world, across a variety of sports. These five areas consist of technologically advanced and expert products & services which are fully customisable based on our clients’ and partners’ individual needs and requirements.


Monitoring & Detection

  • Fraud Detection System (FDS)
  • Expert Analysis
  • Market & Risk Assessments
  • CAS Verified Reporting
  • Bookmaker Market Intelligence
  • Anonymised Account Level Monitoring

Intelligence & Investigation

  • Intelligence & Investigation Service
  • Due Diligence, Risk and Compliance Investigation Service

Education & Prevention

  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • e-Learning
  • Mobile Reporting App
  • Webpage

Consultancy & Regulation

  • Integrity Audit
  • Legal & Regulatory Advisory Service
  • Integrity Briefing
  • Expert Testimony
  • PR & Media
  • Anti-Manipulation Code


  • Intelligence & Investigation
  • Education & Prevention

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