Sportradar Integrity Services helps secure snooker sanctions

The ongoing partnership between Sportradar Integrity Services and the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) has helped bring about sanctions against Cao Yupeng and Yu Delu for breaches of WPBSA Members Rules.

At hearings that took place on 21st September and 2nd November 2018 before a three-person Independent Tribunal Chaired by David Casement QC, Cao Yupeng and Yu Delu admitted breaches of the WPBSA Members Rules.

This followed a lengthy investigation by the WPBSA Integrity Unit working with Sportradar Integrity Services and with support from the SBIU at the UK Gambling Commission.

In the case of Yu Delu the Tribunal found that he engaged in deliberate and premeditated corruption to secure substantial financial gain for his friends/associates and himself. He was involved in match-fixing on five occasions in five tournaments and his activity covers a period of 2 and a half years and he did this for substantial reward.

He also admitted lying to the investigator, failing to cooperate with the investigation and betting on snooker when prohibited from doing so. The finding of the Tribunal was that the starting point for Mr Delu was a suspension of 12 years.

He was given credit for his plea of guilty, albeit late in the proceedings, and the actual sanction imposed was a suspension of 10 years and 9 months to run from 25th May 2018 until 24th March 2029.

He was also ordered to pay £20,823.80 towards the WPBSA costs. In the case of Cao Yupeng, he admitted to fixing the outcome of three matches in 2016 and failing to fully cooperate with the WPBSA enquiry. The finding of the Tribunal was that the starting point for Mr Yupeng was a suspension of eight years. He was given credit for his plea of guilty which reduced the suspension to six years.

Of that period, he will serve a suspension of two and a half years unconditionally. The remaining three and a half years shall be suspended provided there is compliance with the written terms agreed between Mr Yupeng and the WPBSA to provide significant assistance to the WPBSA in its anti-corruption work.

Provided Mr Yupeng complies with his written agreement with the WPBSA, his suspension will run from 25th May 2018 until 24th November 2020. He was ordered to pay £15,558 towards the WPBSA costs.

Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the WPBSA, said: “It is very sad when talented players are attracted to the opportunity to make money from fixing matches. The WPBSA has very effective prevention and monitoring processes that protect the sport. Where players ignore this, they risk their careers and they will be caught.

“Cao Yupeng has shown true remorse and he will assist the WPBSA in player education and in its fight against corruption, which is reflected in his reduced sanction. The sanctions handed down to these players by the Independent Tribunal reflect how seriously the WPBSA treats such cases. This was a lengthy and difficult enquiry for which the Tribunal commended the WPBSA for its skill and professionalism in the investigation and presentation of the case”.

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