Philippines Football League hosts Sportradar integrity workshops

The Philippines Football League (PFL) has just concluded a two-day integrity workshop conducted by Sportradar, the leading supplier of monitoring, intelligence, education and consultancy solutions to both sports and law enforcement, in Manila, Philippines.

Attended by the league’s head coaches, first-team players, as well as representatives from the PFL’s Disciplinary Committee, the workshop involved the different motives behind match-fixing, along with the various methods match-fixers use to achieve their goals.

The workshop formed part of a multi-faceted agreement signed between Sportradar and the PFL in February of this year, with a key component of the PFL’s Integrity Always campaign. The bespoke workshop featured interactive learning and real-life situations to highlight the potential risks and consequences of being involved in match-fixing, as well as identifying match-fixer grooming techniques.

“We owe it to the fans and sponsors to ensure that the integrity of the matches played is defended, and that we uphold our promise of Integrity Always,” said Lazarus Jansen Xavier, Chief Executive Officer of the PFL. “It is crucial that our players and administrators understand and identify match-fixing attempts, and do their part for the good of the sport, and deliver genuine, full intensity football action to the fans in the Philippines. Sportradar is recognised as the leader in Integrity Services in the sports industry, and we are delighted to have them as our partners.”

“Football is my life and each time I step onto the pitch I make sure that I give the fans and the team a hundred percent of my capabilities,” said Darryl Roberts, a forward with Global Cebu Football Club. “Match-fixing robs the fans of the spirit of football, and the consequences of being involved in manipulating the game can potentially be career ending. I have learnt a lot from the workshops conducted by Sportradar Integrity Services, and I am committed to doing my part to ensure that my team and I uphold the integrity of the sport.”

“It has been a pleasure conducting the integrity workshops to the football representatives in the PFL, and its associates,” said Biplav Gautam, Director of Business Development in Asia. “Match-fixing is a scourge of the sport, and robs the fans of the spectacle of football. The PFL’s commitment to the integrity of its league, and the support from its clubs and administrators has been truly encouraging and we are confident that the league will uphold the spirit and integrity of football in the Philippines.”


The Philippines Football League is the Philippines’ national and professional football league sanctioned by the Philippine Football Federation. Launched in 2017, the PFL has six participating clubs that are represented by various cities or provinces with the aim of promoting football throughout the country.

The Liga Futbol Inc. (LFI) was created with the aim to professionalise the Phillipines Football League. The LFI operates and manages 2 competitions which include the PFL and the Copa Paulino Alcantara. The Champion of the PFL and PFF Cup Competition has the opportunity to compete in the AFC Champions League prelimiary round and AFC Cup respectively.

With the vision to make football a pride of the nation, LFI’s efforts to transform Philippine football is centered around establishing good governance, professionalising club managment through club licensing,  providing competitive matches, promote youth development, drive positive commercial growth, establish strong partnership with stakeholders, engage CSR activities and promote integrity in club and league management.

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