Fraud Detection System deemed effective


A report commissioned to examine Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS), which is used by UEFA to identify possible match-fixing, has given the system used a clean bill of health.

Professor David Forrest, from the University of Liverpool’s Management School, concluded that Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS) is “robust” and “activity related to significant fraud was very likely to be picked up”.

UEFA uses Sportradar to monitor betting markets for anomalous activity that may indicate a match has been subject to fraudulent manipulation.

It found that the system’s coverage of the global market is “very wide”, the betting data is “free of error” and information gathered from sources is “subject to robust checks to ensure accuracy”.

Professor David Forrest said: “We are satisfied that the procedures for reaching a decision on manipulation are rigorously set out and followed, and that the qualifications and collective experience of the team of analysts equip them to make reliable assessments of the evidence.

“Our overall conclusion from the study is that matches reported as suspicious by the FDS are very likely to have been manipulated.”

The assessment was carried out by Professor Forrest and the University of Salford’s Professor Ian McHale.

To read the summary of the study, please click here.


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