Gibraltar FA roll out Integrity E-Learning Tutorials

Today, the Gibraltar FA have launched an integrity e-learning module which will need to be completed by all members of the 8 Premier League teams.

The mandatory module will be available both in English and Spanish and will need to be completed within a month from today. The e-learning makes up the final component of the Integrity Programme, which started with a week of workshops hosted between 20th and 25th April and which was attended by players from all 8 Premier League teams, match officials and other local authorities.

Speaking about the e-learning module, Gibraltar FA General Secretary Dennis Bieso said: “There can be no short cuts and no assumptions when it comes to match-fixing and integrity. We, our stakeholders, as well as all the fans need to be sure that the game is honest and that all the participants, whether players or officials, understand the threat and know what to do when faced with it. The feedback the participants in the workshops [delivered in April 2015] gave was overwhelmingly positive and I am confident we are moving the needle on awareness raising as well as values reinforcement.”

Sportradar’s Managing Director Security Services Andreas Krannich added: “In April, we saw a fantastic and engaged turnout at our nine workshops. In May, we saw the Gibraltar FA promote the ‘Guarding Gibraltar’s Game’ campaign at The Rock Cup Final. Now they have embraced the need for the e-learning component of the Integrity Programme and we look forward to receiving and processing the data derived from those e-learning modules. We are proud to stand alongside them in their commitment to safeguarding Gibraltar’s footballing present and future.”

For more information about the GFA Integrity Programme, please click here.


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