Hellenic Football Federation launches comprehensive Integrity Tour with Sportradar

Today, the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF) sat alongside Sportradar at a press conference to outline its education strategy that will see 120 workshops delivered over the coming three seasons, along with over 2,000 individual e-learning modules and assessments each year.

The powerful statement of intent, a pledge to the fans and all the stakeholders of Greek football, is reinforced by the fact that attendance of the workshops and completion of the e-learning modules and assessments will be mandatory for all players playing at clubs in the Super League and in the Football League. The Integrity Tour will also take in match officials, who will attend workshops and complete e-learning modules, as well as the HFF management, who likewise will complete the same workshops as everyone else.

The President of the HFF, Giorgos Girtzikis, welcomed the partnership: “In today’s society we face many threats and issues that have an international scope. Those international threats and issues in turn need an international solution. Match-fixing is one of those issues: it is an issue that many countries are facing today. It is for this reason that we have decided to intensify our efforts by bringing Sportradar on board. They are an official partner of UEFA and a host of other federations around the world. We have heard questions as to why it has taken us until now to bring them on board and our reaction is to take this as encouragement: encouragement that we have made the right decision and encouragement not to waste any more time.”

Adding his thoughts, Sportradar Managing Director Security Services Andreas Krannich had this to say: “Any federation that shows this level of commitment and conviction will always get our support. Today is the launch of an ambitious Integrity Tour and I think it underlines the HFF’s and the President’s dedication to the players, to the officials and of course to the fans.Greek football has a proud tradition with teams whose names echo through European football history. We are honoured that the HFF have come to us to devise this ambitious plan. Senior teams, youth teams, club officials, match officials, federation staff: nobody will be able to plead ignorance and the hope is that nobody will have to worry about the honesty of the contest and the final scores. There is a lot of work to do and we are ready to deliver!”

Today’s press conference also included the President of the Super League Mr Borovilos and the President of the Football League Mr Kaloyannis.

For more information about the Greek Football Federation, please visit www.epo.gr

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