Sportradar takes “Best Technology in a Single Sport” Award

In the year that Sportradar Security Services celebrates a decade at the forefront of fraud detection and prevention in sport, the judges at the Sports Technology Awards 2015 have recognised those ten years of expertise and awarded their “Best Technology in a Single Sport” award to the company’s Fraud Detection System.

The Sports Technology Awards, now in its second year, were launched to recognize and celebrate the increasingly important role that technology plays in sport. The Awards, hosted in London, honour successful technological innovation across all aspects of the sports sector: acknowledging distinction and marking the organizations which are shortlisted and win as truly outstanding.

Speaking after receiving the Award, Sportradar’s Managing Director Integrity and Strategy Andreas Krannich had this to say: “This award, the first focused on the capabilities and expertise of our Security Services, is a great honour. It is testament to two things. First, our staff. The hard work, innovation and creativity of our various teams who developed our technology and have been working continuously to evolve it and add to its capabilities, but also the team of 35 expert analysts across our three offices, who keep a watchful eye over a whole range of sports and countries every day. The second, and this is a thank you, is a thank you to all our partners and clients, whether with us since the beginning or whether newer additions; whether sports federations, leagues or law enforcement agencies. Working alongside these highly committed organisations has been educational, exciting and rewarding. This award today looks back over our work since 2005, but it also motivates us. We look forward to doing all we can to keep our technology best in class and to working closely with any and all who put the integrity of football and sport first”.

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