AFF publically recommends FAM to use Sportradar’s FDS

The Asean Football Federation (AFF) have told the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to go ahead and engage Sportradar to fight match-fixing in the M-League.

AFF secretary general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad explained that they were very happy with Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS), which was used to monitor the AFF Suzuki Cup matches last month.

“Based on our experience in the AFF competition, we strongly recommend that FAM engage Sportradar’s services to monitor match-fixing in the M-League,” said Azzudin.

“It’s high time FAM engaged them … several football associations, including UEFA, have been using Sportradar’s services for some time and a few other AFF members are said to be in discussion with Sportradar as well.

“I can’t comment on how much it would cost to engage Sportradar … but it will be a good investment by FAM because their sponsors will be happy that the M-League is not tarnished by match fixing.”


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