Genoa CFC Integrity Program

On Thursday 7th November, Italian Serie A Club Genoa CFC successfully participated in a Sportradar Betting Integrity and Anti-match-fixing Workshop.

The programme was supported by Italian betting company iziplay (main sponsor of Genoa CFC) and was organised to educate first team players, coaching staff and youth players about the dangers of match-fixing. Participants were made aware of the rules and regulations in place regarding betting and match-fixing and of the penalties for breaching these rules.

The workshop, which took place in the Museum of Genoa CFC, was followed by a panel session discussion and press-conference attended by national journalists and TV broadcasters.  The panel session speakers included Alessandro Zarbano (CEO of Genoa CFC), Fabio Schiavolin (CEO of iziplay Cogetech), Roberto Fanelli (Director of AAMS), Marcello Presilla (International Integrity Manager of Sportradar) and Marco Brunelli (General Director of Lega Serie A).

Alessandro Zarbano, CEO of Genoa CFC said, “With this project, we have implemented a preventative approach with a clear education aspect in order to make the participants aware of the dangers and risks of match-fixing.”

Sportradar’s International Integrity Manager, Marcello Presilla said, “Genoa CFC must be highly commended for recognising the severity of the dangers of match-fixing and tackling the issue pro-actively. Sportradar is delighted Genoa chose to utilise our expertise in this field and we thank them and iziplay for offering us the opportunity to initiate this project.”

Sportradar’s Fraud Prevention Service (FPS) offers a tailored range of solutions to educate players, youth players, coaches, match officials and club officials about betting integrity and fraud related topics. Through live workshops, the FPS experts teach participants what constitutes match-fixing, how match-fixers may try to recruit them and the devastating impact this will have on their lives. They are also made fully aware of the rules and regulations specific to them and punishments for breaching these. The FPS not only aims to educate professionals and protect young players starting their careers but also to act as a deterrent to those who may already be involved in match-fixing.

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