Match-fixing investigation initiated by Sportradar leads to worldwide FIFA ban

FIFA has confirmed a global extension on the Football Federation Australia football-related activity ban imposed on four players and one official involved in an investigation into alleged match-fixing initiated by Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS).

The Victoria Police match-fixing investigation in Australia perfectly highlights the benefits of Sportradar’s extensive skills, technology and knowledge in this field; not only did it detect suspected manipulated matches bit its unique systems and databases were used to warn the authorities in advance of individuals of interest registering to play in their leagues.

This case, along with other recent issues in sports around the world, reflects the true global threat posed by match-fixing in the 21st century. Those responsible are employing ever more diverse methods and targeting previously unaffected countries and sports in a bid to maximise illicit betting profits.

Sportradar CEO, Carsten Koerl said, “It’s crucial in today’s world that sports federations confront the threat of betting related match-fixing and have effective preventative, detection and investigation methods in-place. Sportradar is committed to helping sports around the world to protect their competitions against the threat posed from match-fixers”.

Since 2004, Sportradar’s FDS has successfully monitored a range of sports and has unrivalled experience and expertise in the identification of suspicious betting practices across the world. The FDS processes 432 million odds movements per day at over 350 global bookmakers including Asian and European betting markets offered by retail and online bookmakers, betting exchanges, spread betting firms and state lotteries. The system analyses over 53,000 matches in detail each year and identifies any suspicious odds movements worthy of further investigation by Sportradar’s team of expert analysts.

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