FIGC Divisione Calcio a Cinque sign one-year contract with Sportradar

On Sunday 22 September, during a “Futsal Day” that was held in Rome, Sportradar and Divisione Calcio a Cinque (the futsal division of the Italian Football Federation) have officially begun their joint project on preventing and tackling match-fixing in Italian Futsal.

The coaches and captains of each Serie A team, along with 30 referees, congregated at the place of event and listened to Sportradar’s International Integrity Manager, Marcello Presilla, who led the integrity workshop.

Sportradar have provided all its know-how and experience in law enforcement and prevention of the act of match-fixing. The workshop contained training and education to athletes, coaches, managers and referees of the futsal Serie A. They were also shown Sportradar’s exclusive monitoring system Fraud Detection System, which will be working by monitoring the flow of betting on all matches of the Serie A, the Italian Cup and the Winter Cup for the 2013/14 season, in order to identify and detect any irregular patterns.

Divisione Calcio a Cinque, together with Sportradar, have decided to react with foresight to the growing phenomenon of sports betting. The initiative’s main objective is to protect the national championships, with the desired outcome being to prevent and suppress any possible attempt at manipulation.


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