Every institution, small or large, private or public needs intelligence, collected using best-in-class, proprietary and GDPR-friendly techniques. We have developed a portfolio of products to assist organisations in investigating parties who may represent an integrity or business concern such as individuals, clubs, leagues, agencies or investors.

All intelligence collection and reporting are made possible through a focus on carefully cultivated open source intelligence techniques, a truly global human source “HUMINT” network, data and technology, and the sourcing of expert analysts.

Through these same techniques, carried out by professionals from the world of Law Enforcement and intelligence agencies, we offer one of the most robust Due Diligence products on the market utilising a Level 1 (pre-screening), Level 2 (Red Flag) and Level 3 (Enhanced) approach.

Using a combination of intelligence and due diligence, every organisation can better counter the threats they face and act upon any breaches in integrity.

What we offer


Due Diligence on Individuals

  • Social media activity summary
  • Key locations
  • Employment history
  • Perception in the media
  • Social background


  • Previous involvement in sport
  • Conflicts of interests
  • Fraud-based criminal links
  • Gambling and betting interests
  • Behaviour assessment


Due Diligence on Organisations

  • Financial information
  • Organisation structure and status
  • Significant organisation vulnerabilities
  • Organisation associates
  • Previous investment history
  • Analysis of audit documentations

What we do




  • Initial research on an individual or an organisation aimed to identify obvious concerns
  • Subjects are cross-checked against I&I’s databases and internal intelligence holdings
  • This level is recommended for bulk checks  of referees, players, clients or contractor


Red-Flag Research

  • Investigation of the red flags identified during the Level 1 due diligence check and bringing context to those results. This in-depth research will eliminate potential false positive results
  • Use of a combination of aggregated compliance databases as well as Sportradar proprietary databases


Enhanced Due Diligence Reporting

  • In-depth research of red flags
  • Detailed report provided to the client
  • Set of recommendations to reduce risks and vulnerabilities

Case Studies


UEFA Foundation for Children

Safeguarding support for the UEFA Foundation for Children


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