Test athletes over video

As an Anti-Doping Organisation (ADO) or Sports Federation, the Remote Testing System is a way to run your tests in a way that suits today’s low-contact world.

The Doping Control Officers (DCOs) do not have to visit athletes. Which means you have cost and time savings from reduced travel activity, which can be re-invested and ultimately result in a higher frequency of tests.

And it’s fully secure too – using blockchain technology, multi-factor authentication and a server cluster to store data securely.

How it works

Athletes download the app and have a secure video call with your DCO, to do an anti-doping test remotely. Once the call is finished, both parties get an auto-generated report and the test sample is sent to the laboratory.

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Testing methods

You can run these kinds of test:

Exhaled breath: a new, non-intrusive way to carry out in-competition testing

Dried blood spot: an easy and minimally invasive, athlete-friendly blood collection method

Urine: the most common anti-doping testing method



Tech-based: with every step covered in one place.

Completely secure: multifactor authentication and blockchain keep each user’s account secure. And every sample is tracked all the way to the laboratory.

Paperless documents: it’s all digital and stored in the cloud.

Automatic functions: reports are created, including for unsuccessful and cancelled tests.

Cost efficient: run far more tests with the same staff and cut travel costs completely.

Total transparency: every test auto-generates a report for both the DCO/ADO and athlete straight after the test.

Easy to integrate: the technology adapts to fit into your existing workflows.

The Remote Testing System is just one of our Anti-Doping Services


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