Providing actionable Intelligence


Intelligence plays a key part in safeguarding sports against doping but also requires substantial resources and expertise.

With our cutting-edge technological solutions and years of experience in conducting anti-doping and other sports-related investigations, we are ideally positioned to assist stakeholders in the Anti-Doping community enhance their intelligence and investigation capabilities.

Our global I&I team can assist Anti-Doping Organisations and national or international federations in targeted investigations related to all anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs), streamlining their testing programmes or creating their own intelligence capabilities and processes.

How Sportradar’s I&I Service supports anti-doping agencies

Our intelligence experts utilise the latest methods and techniques to efficiently collect, collate and analyse intelligence relevant for our partners in the anti-doping community. This includes intelligence obtained from global and domestic social media platforms, proprietary and commercial enforcement and doping databases, the deep and dark web as well as from a truly global human intelligence (HUMINT) network.

I&I can be used as a stand-alone service or together with our Athlete Performance Monitoring. Additionally, our Integrity Education service can help provide your athletes with more information on, and preventive incentives about, doping.

Elements of our I&I Service portfolio


Person of interest profiles and targeted investigations

Person of Interest Monitoring

Due diligence and integrity checks

End-to-End Intelligence Unit Drug research

Risk assessments on competitions or sports

Intelligence & Investigation is just one of our Anti-Doping Services


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