Education as a key element of clean sport


To keep sports clean, a planned, future-oriented and concrete education strategy is essential. Based on the new international Standard for Education we support Anti-Doping Organisations in developing and delivering an effective and sustainable education programme for various target groups.

We raise awareness, enhance knowledge, use synergies, and connect stakeholders to protect the integrity of sport.

In orientation on WADA’s new International Standard for Education we specified the following areas with concrete measures to establish a sustainable and long-term education program.

We believe…

… that education needs to be a key component in a wider anti-doping strategy. It must be the first contact with the anti-doping system in an athlete’s career.

… that we must ensure athletes are getting the right information at the right time to make informed decisions.

And that participation in education programmes starts at a young age and sport values are an essential part of it.

… that to achieve our common goals, to strengthen athletes, and to protect the values of sport we need strong partnerships and cooperation’s. Our expertise in both anti-doping and anti-match-fixing education makes us an experienced and reliable partner with a strong focus on your needs.

… that a sustainable education programme follows a long-term strategy and we are proud to support Anti-Doping Organisations to develop and implement tailor-made education programmes; taking into consideration the needs of the athletes they are targeting and the new International Standard for Education.

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We provide…

…support via a dedicated team of experts with over two decades of experience in various integrity areas.

….the opportunity to combine both anti-doping and anti-match fixing to make education more time efficient and available for athletes.

…assessment of the current situation, development of a plan, identification of measurable and time-specific objectives, then monitor the programme.

…you with the right programme for your target group, at the right time.

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Our product portfolio

Below are three examples of educational products and services that Sportradar offers. But it doesn’t stop there.

New ways to educate athletes, especially around the decision-making process in critical situations, open up with use of state-of the art technology, such as virtual reality.

Talk to us about a tailor-made offer.


We support Anti-Doping Organisations in implementing the International Standard for Education (ISE). Our Consultancy concept is based on your needs and our team of experts supports you in reaching a new level of education in line with the ISE.

Workshops & Webinars

Workshops can be provided as single anti-doping workshops or as part of a wide-ranging Integrity Tour, including Anti-Match Fixing – addressing any sport, gender or age group.


e-Learning tutorials perfectly complement our workshops, letting you communicate with your target groups efficiently and cost-effectively.

Education topics


Anti-Doping (e.g.)


Principles and values associated with clean sport

Anti-doping rule violations

The Anti-Doping Charter of Athlete Rights

Consequences of doping

Prohibited substances and methods

Risks of medications and supplements, including health consequences

Testing procedures: urine, blood, and biological passports

Athletes and athlete support, personnel’s rights and responsibilities

Therapeutic use exemptions

Registered testing pool requirements incl. whereabouts and use of the Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS)

Speaking up to share concerns about doping


Anti-Match-Fixing (e.g.)


Betting and associated risks

Criminality and the approach of a match-fixer

Methods and motivations of match-fixing

Monitoring and detection

Obligations to report and reporting channels

Social media vulnerabilities and inside information

Integrity education is just one of our Anti-Doping Services


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