Know your athlete.

Our Athlete Performance Monitoring Service is a secure and easy-to-use cloud-based platform (no installation required) that provides Anti-Doping Organisations nearly instantaneous information on athletes’ performance.

It supports you in your effort to enhance global target testing and your intelligence and investigation strategies.

Specifically, it lets you target tests based on suspicious results, i.e., when performance unexpectedly improves. Instead of a doping test as a first measure, you can review athletes’ recent and historical performance results, look up background information (including injuries, etc), process the data and analyse the results in mere minutes.

Work that traditionally takes hours.

Save time in every step of the process

Getting and analysing your athletes’ performance data has never been easier.

Search for recent performance data of athletes

Without APM: 30 min

With APM: 3 min

Search for historical performance data of athletes

Without APM: 180 min

With APM: 1 min

Search for background information and news about athletes

Without APM: 120 min

With APM: 3 min

Graphic processing and analysis of the information

Without APM: 60 min

With APM: 1 min

With APM total: 0 min

Without APM total: 0 min

Time saved total0 min

Product Highlights


Based on tech and data – setting a new technical standard in anti-doping.

Comprehensive – creating a clear picture of an athlete’s performance.

Linked – A fast technical workflow to forward suspicious results to I&I and/or testing.

Extremely secure – using a sophisticated data protection requirements (DPR) process and state-of-the-art privacy and security mechanisms.

Highly valid – information is sourced from a range of areas, including open source anti-doping-specific information.

Flexible – you decide how many athletes to monitor, how much performance history to include, and how often to update that data.

Relevant – Currently focussed on high-risk sports, including cycling, swimming, and athletics. Additional sports will be included later.

Data analysis first, and then…


If the data shows a clear change in performance that cannot be easily explained, then further investigation is possible via Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) and finally traditional tests. If your athlete’s performance declines e.g. because of an injury, the temptation to use prohibited substances might be higher, it becomes more important to offer specific education measures.

Creating a fast and clear overview of an athlete’s performance is setting a new technical standard in anti-doping – and significantly decreasing the time to find and analyse athlete’s performance data.

This targeted approach means a potentially reduction of tests. And that means cost reductions for you and less impact on the athletes.

Athlete Performance Monitoring is just one of our Anti-Doping Services


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