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Sport embodies values like passion, fun, friendship, fairness and much more. Sport influences social life in all age groups. Athletes who perform their sport at the highest level are role models for entire generations of young people. Major sporting events captivate millions in the stadiums, halls and in front of the television sets. Sport has the power to convey values and build bridges. But it is also clear that the more digital sport gets, the more important tangible values become to keep sport real.

Doping in sports is contrary to all those values, and unfortunately, doping practices are more sophisticated than ever before. The challenges in the digital age are endless and are best be faced with strong partnerships.

Sportradar offers a variety of different products to support Anti-Doping Organisations, governing bodies, and major event organisers globally in their fight against doping. Understanding the individual needs of every organisation is key to success for us in the collective effort to protect values, keep athletes safe and sports clean.

Our Anti-Doping Services

Our proven technologies, data-driven solutions, and network of anti-doping experts achieve three things:

  1. Ensuring that monitoring and target-testing are highly efficient and cost-effective
  2. Investigations are comprehensive, timely and unbiased, and
  3. Integrity education is readily accessible.

Together, we can establish a robust, sustainable and change-ready Anti-Doping System. One that can respond to any need. Immediately.

To meet this challenge, we have developed three closely related, highly secure* services. All meet the highest security standards and work together as one solution or as a stand-alone service. Whether you’re looking to track people of interest, analyse suspicious activity, investigate potential rule violations, or implement the new International Standard for Education and develop and promote preventive measures against doping, there’s a solution for you.

Additionally, our team of experts offers a combined approach of anti-doping and anti-match-fixing education measures for a comprehensive approach to integrity education for athletes.

Today, we support 10+ organisations to achieve this aim. This includes NADA Germany, the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport, the Japan Anti-Doping Agency and various International Federations and WADA-accredited laboratories. We also developed anti-doping programs for non-WADA Code signatories like e-Sports to establish a clean sport mentality from the very beginning.

For a detailed look at each Anti-Doping Service, please click on the relevant icon below.

*We are serious about security. In addition to full-time data protection employees, we use all available technical and organisational security measures to protect personal data (including adhering to global data protection agreements) and are WADC compliant. Click here to learn more about our GDPR & WADC Compliance.

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Whistleblowing is vital to combat doping!


Our technology can help making it easy and safe for everyone to report unsportsmanlike behaviour, and defend the sport’s integrity.

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