What we do


With more than 14 years’ experience in combating betting-related match-fixing, we have established ourselves as the world’s foremost experts in the area of sports integrity. Having started as a service provider and consultant to national and international sports governing bodies, today we also offer a wide range of tools and programmes to anti-doping agencies, clubs, state authorities and law enforcement bodies.

Our mission is to detect, investigate and prevent betting-related match-fixing, doping and other threats to the integrity of sport, as well as building strong partnerships with industry stakeholders. Our role is to act as a consultant for sports governing bodies, anti-doping organisations, clubs, law-enforcement agencies and state authorities alike.

As well as increasing awareness of betting-related match-fixing, doping and other threats to sport among participants, administrators and state authorities, we also want to help our partners tackle these problems in the most effective and sustainable way.

What we offer


Anti-Match Fixing

Monitoring & Detection

In 2009, we launched our unique Fraud Detection System (FDS) to monitor the entire global betting market and to detect betting-related fraud in sport. Besides the FDS, we offer further Monitoring & Detection related services to both sports organisations and state authorities such as market risk assessments, independently verified reporting, bookmaker market intelligence and anonymised account level monitoring.

Intelligence & Investigation

Our Intelligence & Investigation Services manage each stage of the intelligence process to assist partners in identifying and investigating integrity threats to their sport and business. We assist in connecting those within the sport suspected of manipulating events to bettors, financiers, facilitators and other parties. We also provide ad-hoc Due Diligence services, investigating parties who may represent an integrity or business concern such as individuals, clubs, leagues, agencies and investors.

Education & Prevention

Our Education & Prevention Solutions offer sports associations and law enforcement agencies all the intelligence, insight and information they need to defend against match-fixing. Whether they are currently facing a real problem in their sport or they have the foresight to get ahead of the problem, we offer solutions to match their needs.


Consultancy & Regulation

In addition to our monitoring, intelligence and education solutions, we offer comprehensive Consultancy & Regulation services, e.g. providing guidance and strategic planning advice for matters pertaining to the regulation of sports betting.



Anti-Doping Services

We support sports governing bodies, anti-doping agencies and major event organisers in implementing anti-doping services to set a high standard in clean sport. Our Anti-Doping Services are targeted, focused and customised for anti-doping organisations based on their individual needs. We are primarily focused on services in the field of Intelligence & Investigation, Education and Innovation.


Who we are


100+ Full-time Employees

Our Integrity Services team, currently distributed across 15 different locations around the world, relies on the close cooperation and expertise of over 100 dedicated full-time employees. By identifying strong talent from a variety of backgrounds in areas such as operations, betting analysis, anti-doping, intelligence, investigation, development, IT, education, sales, design, marketing and management, we have developed a unique pedigree and understanding of the global match-fixing and doping phenomenons.


50+ Senior Integrity Analysts

Distributed across five international hubs: London (UK), Manila (PHI), Sydney (AUS), Montevideo (URU) and Minneapolis (USA), our team of over 50 Senior Integrity Analysts make up a key component of our Fraud Detection System (FDS). Supported by dedicated colleagues from our operational offices in Tallinn (EST) and Gera (GER), their collective role is to understand, analyse and evaluate the suspicious patterns that are spotted at any of the 600+ betting operators we monitor. As a result, these expert analysts are drawn from all corners of the betting industry: from regulated and unregulated operators, from Asian and non-Asian bookmakers, from retail and online operators, from state lotteries and exchanges, as well as from spread bet operators. It is this breadth of experience, coupled with their years at the front-line of the industry, that makes our services so intuitive.


Extensive Support Network

To ensure that the FDS is as accurate and valuable as possible, our team of analysts can also call upon our extensive network of over 100 freelance researchers, who are spread across countries and sports. They are our “people on the ground”, who add an extra layer of depth to our FDS analysis and who can provide our analysts with local information and market intelligence. In the event that we have identified suspicious betting patterns, their input can prove pivotal in contextualising those movements in the market.



Around our team of Integrity Analysts, we have assembled a management team that guide and support the work we do. Senior managers drawn from the sports industry, the betting industry, and the world of anti-doping guide the development of the business, while the Sales team dotted across five continents increase the breadth of coverage we offer. We also have an Education team that leads the development and execution of our responsive and interactive awareness-raising programmes and tours. Finally, we have individuals tasked with cultivating relationships at various levels of public service as well as law enforcement. This reflects the movement of match-fixing and doping further up the priorities of public authorities and police forces and illustrates the credibility of our processes, services and conclusions.


Working Relationships

Our 14 years in the integrity space have helped us solidify our position as trusted market leaders. Initially, we focused on relationships amongst sports federations and rights holders: today we have a range of relationships, from the largest and most successful international federations and confederations, through to national leagues and even clubs. But we have built on this foundation of trust. Our relationship now include anti-doping agencies, public authorities at EU and national levels, gambling regulators, international and national law enforcement agencies, as well as a full range of media.


What we stand for



We are constantly evolving and improving our products and services in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain our leadership position in the market.



The accuracy of the intelligence we generate is underpinned by the breadth and depth of the data and information we feed into our products and services.



Confidentiality is respected, conflicts are eliminated and we focus on doing the right thing by our clients and partners, and for sport at all times.



The trust of all our partners is testament to our respect for due process, robust and reliable systems and our effective conclusions.



We support public authorities, law enforcement agencies, academics and others who want to get the best insight into the world of betting and match-fixing.



Our work is based on scrutinised and verified data. We don’t speculate. We understand that our conclusions and advice carry a responsibility – one that we take very seriously.



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